Our Value

  1. Commited to build future Entrepreneurs – through Empowerment and Fun learning.
  2. Classroom without boundaries – inside and outside classroom.
  3. Customized curiculum and Flexible schedule.

How we do it?

We promise you great education system as you can see it from our value. But how will we do it? Well, we will teach your kids :
– Critical Thinking (ex: math and discussion),
– Life Skills (ex: cooking skill, money math),
– Physical Development (ex: sport day),
– Art (ex: crafting, story telling)


We use goverment curriculum which divided by two category, 

Belajar Bersama :
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday | 09.00AM – 12.30PM
With this system students can interact with friends in class, tutor, or school staff with good and relaxing circumstances, which made students feel like his or her own family.
Belajar Mandiri :
This system facilitate students who can’t come to school. Using internet, students can learn everywhere and whenever they want.