Yayasan Maleakhi456 (malachi456 foundation) is focusing on social service and established in 2014. In order to cope with the dynamic world education trend, the foundation has established a non-formal school (similar with homeschooling in America) that is Malachi456CyberSafeSchool in Juni 2014 under supervision of National Equivalency Program of Non-formal Education District of National Education Departmentof Indonesia.

Malachi456CyberSafeSchool is being designed to assist the needs of students with various backgrounds such as location, uniqueness and career. First, location is where students who are living mobile. We have a student who lives in Japan, Singapore, and Tokyo following the parents. We assist the student to study Combined Curriculum that is National Equivalency Program of Indonesia and Cambridge of UK. The demand is keep growing and therefore we have tutors in Japan (Tokyo and Hokkaido), Singapore, Bangkok, Taiwan and America (Texas). Second, uniqueness is when students have special cases like autistic or slow learner. We teach them with combination approaches in order to achieve one’s goal of learning. The goal is set up based on students’ ability. Last, career is when students who have had career like artists or sportsman are learning based on their time availability with the clear target.